We employ highly specialized brand authenticators, gemologists and horologists who oversee our rigorous, brand-specific authentication process, supported by the blockchain technology, developed to ensure customers that TheRealLuxury is the most secure place to purchase and sell authenticated luxury consignment. 

  • The products we sell are 100% authentic, bought from official boutiques and department stores. 
  • They come with original tags if new or other proofs of purchase if pre-owned (e.g. invoice, certificate of authenticity, product code insert, etc.). 
  • Each product is physically checked and its history cross-examined by our team to confirm that it matches the description offered by the seller and the brand criteria. 
  • To ensure the authenticity of our products we are offering you 100% money-back guarantee!

Blockchain Anti-counterfeit Solution

To combat the counterfeit market of new, pre-owned and limited luxury goods and to help restore the trust and transparency in the resale marketplace, The Real Luxury created a Blockchain-based Anti-counterfeit Solution called "TheRealLuxury Authentication Verification Service". 

With TheRealLuxury Authentication Verification Service we innovatively incorporated blockchain technology into the fashion industry to ensure customers that TheRealLuxury is the most secure place to purchase and sell authenticated luxury consignment.


How does it work? 

TheRealLuxury Terms & Conditions obligate the consignee to store the product with the value of EUR 500 or more in TheRealLuxury warehouse. With TheRealLuxury Authentication Verification Service luxury goods intended for resale are authenticated by expert verifiers who in the process of authentication verification upload the information about the product to the Blockchain as a Digital Code. With a Digital Code, any person can access comprehensive information about the product provenance and authenticity. This unique system allows potential buyers to check relevant data, including serial number, the point of origin and authentication history of the product already prior the purchase.